5 Stunning Valentine’s Gifts Ideas for Your Special One.

February 07, 2019

Valentine’s Day – a special day where couples from all over the world are expressing their love for each other through gifts or maybe a simple yet captivating phrase like “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you to the moon and back.”
Although, there’s no need to wait for February 14th to shower our significant other with love and affection, but every so often we do want to give something special for our special ones – a gift that will forever be embedded in their hearts and memories. If you are thinking about the same thing, then you are in luck, because this article had just arrived to give you some wonderful insights about Valentine’s Day gifts!

1.    Say it with flowers!
During the ancient Greece period, rose was closely associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The legend said, Aphrodite used an “immortal oil of the rose” to protect Hector’s body from harm. During the Roman Empire era, Christians were identifying roses with the Virgin Mary – which then led to the creation of rosary and some devotional prayers.
With a long history that one flower had possessed in an equally long course of time, it is safe to say that roses are become one of the grandest gesture of love ever existed. Couples are often put ‘a bouquet of roses’ at the top of their gift lists – whether it is to express their love, gratitude, even as means of an apology. For those of you who like to go classic, a bouquet of roses will be a great choice for your Valentine’s gift. To make your bouquet even more beautiful, try to mix in other flowers such as peonies, baby’s breath, lavender, even lily!

2.    Sparkly jewels
The famous American actress, model, and singer, Marilyn Monroe, stated in her song that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and we couldn’t agree more on that. If you are looking for a classic yet lavish gift to give to your beloved spouses, try to do some window shopping at a jewelry store near you. To give a special touch to your gift, try to dig some information about the possibility of you requesting a customize piece jewelry – such as engraving an initial and so on.
But, of course, expensive goods aren’t always a necessity for those who want to have a wholesome Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a sparkly ring, watch, or maybe a necklace that’s born from your meticulous DIY project – it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, love is all you need.

3.    Irresistible sweetness
People from ancient Maya society believed that cacao was the most valuable plant ever existed, because this fruit grew from the “Maize God’s abandoned body.” In Greek, the term ‘Theobroma cacao’ was used as means to honor cacao as a ‘food for the Gods.’ Lastly, what makes chocolate more special was the fact that the Aztecs people used cacao beans as their currency! This piece of history show that chocolate is not only existed to indulge our sweet tooth, but it also has some very important functions that we might never know before. So, this Valentine’s Day, a box of chocolate is another perfect option for a gift.
But, trouble ensue when it comes to finding the perfect box of chocolate for your loved ones, because ordinary mustn’t be in our dictionary on this special day. For example, many researchers and expertise believe that Dark Chocolate has the best quality you’re looking for in sweet goods. Not only it is considered as one of the most powerful resources of antioxidant, but Dark Chocolate is also can improve brain function even reducing heart disease risk! So, make sure you do some research on the internet and always try to remember your spouse’s favorite kinds of chocolate.

4.    A picture is worth a thousand words
In 1911, the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” was first being used in a newspaper article about journalism and publicity, by an editor named Tess Flanders. Since then, this expression is often used as a way of saying that pictures can sometime have more powerful impact on something rather than words. This Valentine’s Day, you can adapt this classic expression into life by creating a simple ‘Do it Yourself” project for your loved ones!
One of the simplest way to do this is by printing out some of the best pictures you’ve taken over the months or even years, then you can make a picture collage out of it or simply hang it on the wall using a long string. Head to a craft store or bookstore and buy the necessities for this project – strings, clear tape, decorative tape, even some colorful fabrics. This might look like an easy and effortless project, but the sentiment behind a DIY project will certainly make your day even sweeter.

5.    The classic fancy dinner
The Sultan Hotel and Residence had just released Valentine’s Day promo, as means to accommodate our loyal guests who are looking for a lavish and romantic gift for their partners. On this special day, couples will be presented with an exceptional four-course set dinner designed by Executive Sous Chef, Eric Kusnadi.
Couples can enjoy the charming Poached Rolled Salmon and Snapper, Asian Fusion with Cranberry Salsa and Melba Toast, continued by Chicken Consomme with Pink Chicken Dumpling, Surf and Turf Tenderloin and Lobster with Asian Flavor Crumb, Polenta, Sauteed Asparagus and Baby Carrot served with Pink Pepper and Lemon Butter Sauce, and closed with dessert Vanilla Raspberry Cheesecake Mouse with Vanilla Micro Sponge, Mango Fluid Gel, and Raspberry Sauce. In addition, the relaxing tropical vibes of Lagoon Café will add the romantic feeling to the table and it’ll certainly make your Valentine’s Day celebration more wholesome.

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