Five Activities You Must Do on Your Staycation at The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta

April 08, 2019

Weekend – the three days period from Friday to Sunday where you are obligated to take your mind off of work and just living in the moment. Before we get into the fun details about this vacation plan, let’s dive in a little bit into the topic of ‘Why people seem to glorify weekend so much? Does that even important?”
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology mentioned that many people, regardless of their profession, feel much happier on weekend or when they’re anticipating those three days itself. Researchers then call this phenomenon as ‘Weekend Effect.’ If you are wondering how this thing happened, let’s dissect this further by looking at a case study sample. Mr. A works a 9 to 5 job at a high profile company in Jakarta. Every day, Mr. A has to deal with not only pressure from work, but also the city’s maddening traffic. The traffic causes Mr. A to come home late, then he goes to bed equally late, and he has to repeat this activity all over again until Friday – it’s like being in an endless loop.
We’ve all been through the same thing as Mr. A did, so when we are hoping to have a relaxing and fun weekend getaway it is actually not an overstatement. After spending long and hard days at work, you and your loved ones deserve a little break. What better way to tighten family bonds than a staycation at one of Jakarta’s legendary five star hotel; The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta? But, before you book your tickets and pack your bags, let’s look at five interesting activities you can do while you’re staying with us:

1.    Sunbathing or take a swim
One of the main activities that people would do on their staycation will definitely be spending their time by the pool. Whether it is to sunbathe or take a nice swim, this one activity will never do you wrong. If you have decided to plan your weekend staycation with The Sultan Hotel and Residence, our Infinity pool is something you shouldn’t miss because not only you can experience a great swimming session, but you can also enjoy the serenity around this little oasis. However, before you dive into our Infinity Pool, make sure to put on some sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight.

2.    Explore the many sides of the hotel
Residing in a large area of land, it is not surprising if The Sultan Hotel and Residence has many cool spots within the hotel area that you might have missed. For instance, the famous red bridge next to Lagoon Garden which leads to a temple-like landmark shown in the picture above. This has been one of the most favorite spots for guests to have their pictures taken around The Sultan Hotel and Residence area. Because, not only it has beautiful scenery surrounded it, but this spot will also make you feel like you’re spending holiday in Bali! Besides the red brigde, Infinity Pool has also been guests favorite photo spot ever since it was first opened. If you are looking for a more minimalistic-styled exterior to amp up your Instagram feed game, try to take a walk around our tennis courtyard and Residence for you can find The Sultan Hotel and Residence signature twin towers while you’re at it.

3.    Grab a delicious meal at Lagoon Café
Did you know that Rawon is considered as one of the oldest dishes in Java? Known for its rich taste and black colored broth, Rawon was believed to be mentioned for the first time around 901 CE – when the word rarawan was used to describe a similar food written on ancient Javanese transcript. From that time being, Rawon has become one of the most beloved dishes from Indonesia. As means to preserve as well as introduce Indonesia’s culinary heritage to broader audiences, The Sultan Hotel and Residence offers you the ultimate eating experience through our signature Rawon with shrimp crackers, salted egg, sambal, and of course steam rice as its side dishes. Don’t miss the chance to have the greatest meal of your live by visiting our Lagoon Café on your stay.

4.    It’s spa o’clock
Did you know that spa is not only good for relaxation, but it can also help us to cope with stress? Virginia Sadock, MD., Professor of Psychiatry from NYU, stated that going to a spa can create a feeling of being cared for and that positive outcome can help us to cope with stress way better. Since we are spending most of our time dealing with Jakarta’s maddening traffic, it is no surprising if we need to de-stress every once in a while. If you’re staying with The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta, you can get a chance to enjoy a relaxing spa session with the help from our spa therapist at Lagoon Spa. If you wish to have an in room spa service, you can dial our extension at 1062 and our therapist will be at your service.

5.    Morning exercise never goes out of style
Who doesn’t love to breathe in the fresh morning air while doing some light exercise? Because not only it can help you to boost your mood, but many researchers also believe that morning exercise is a great step to form a healthier mindset. Jasmin Thread from Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center stated that if you have set your mind for a routine morning exercise, no matter how light it is, this will lead you to gain more control over choices you’ll make throughout the day. As mentioned in the previous point, The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta is residing in a large area of land which not only known for its beauty, but also for its many sport facilities. For example, there is jogging track, swimming pool, and tennis courtyard. You can also experience a wholesome morning exercise routine by visting Gelora Bung Karno which is located less than five minutes from our hotel.

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