5 Tips for a Successful Garden Party in Jakarta

February 16, 2021

Back when we were a teen, some of us might have that perfectly curated Pinterest wedding board. On that board, there were many different things that we deemed essentials for this special day; from the perfect dress, perfect venue, decorations, themes, and perhaps unique buffet ideas. But, of course as we grow older, we realize that achieving such level of perfection wouldn’t be as easy as pinning different pictures on an empty board.

Especially when it comes on planning a rather unique wedding concept, like a garden party in a metropolitan area like Jakarta. Not only we have to deal with the fear of not finding the suitable venue in the city, but the unpredictable traffic makes everything ten times harder! There are no couples that would want to make their guests suffer because of a long trip, but at the same time it will be heart breaking to sacrifice the wedding concept that has been your long-life dream.

Despite the many challenges that you will find along the way, remember that there is nothing impossible in this world. If you want to throw a garden party around Jakarta, you should absolutely execute this unique idea! But, make sure to pay close attention to some tiny details that people might think insignificant. Today, we will show you the five tips on planning your perfect garden party in this  lovely city!

  1. Pick the right venue


As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of deciding factor for couples who want to throw a garden party in a metropolitan area like Jakarta. Since there aren’t that many open space or urban green space available, we might have to scour every nooks and cranny of this city to find our perfect match. Not only that, finding a venue in a strategic yet ‘traffic-free’ area might feel a little bit ambitious.

But, do you know that The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta has a beautiful venue called Kudus Garden? Not only that our hotel is located in one of the most prominent areas in Jakarta, but we also offer a place where couples can throw an ethereal garden party with the assistance of our professional team! Needless to say, it is a win-win solution for everyone.

  1. Pay close attention to weather forecast


Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

One of the biggest enemies of this particular wedding concept will be the weather. While we all want to enjoy a sunny day and breathe in the fresh air of an open green space, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. As the weather can become a little bit unpredictable, it is important for couples to pay close attention to its daily forecast. Check on the news or any weather apps that you have on your phone, always have a plan B if anything goes sideways, and make sure to avoid rainy season if you want to feel more relieved.

  1. Simplicity will always be the key


Photo by Jasmine Bartel on Unsplash

Unlike the conventional wedding concept that is known for its glamor, sparkle, and lavishness, couples tend to lean on minimalistic side when it comes to garden party. Many believes that they don’t need to add ridiculous wedding decors, because the breathtaking open space venue will speak for itself. On an article published by independent.co.uk, Katie O’Malley wrote that while decorations such as balloons can look beautiful, less will always more. However, she added that couples can go a little bit crazy when it comes to natural themed decors such as flowers.

  1. Make your guests comfortable


Photo by Victoria Priessnitz on Unsplash

One of the trickiest part about throwing a garden party is probably making sure that ‘beauty equals comfort.’ Because no one wants to sit uncomfortably in a pretty place, right? Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to little details that can make your event even more wholesome. For instance, curate your seating arrangement well, make sure that the venue has easy access to a restroom,  provide shades in case it gets to sunny, and have some bug repellent nearby to cast out those uninvited guests.

  1. Choose the perfect menu for the occasion


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

It has been a universal agreement that a great party must come with great food. For a special occasion like outdoor wedding or garden party, it will be lovely to have menus which can accentuate your unique concept. The classic options like grilled meat, grilled vegetables, green salad, fresh fruit, cakes, and refreshing drinks can be one of your perfect picks. If you want to spice things up, rent a food truck to add that casual yet rustic vibe to your wedding reception.