Lunch at Lagoon Café

March 01, 2017

Are you working around Senayan, or happens to be on this area this week? Then, you should try to have a lunch at Lagoon Café at The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta. Lagoon café opens daily from 8 AM until 10 PM and serves Asian to Continental dishes. Being here might be a different lunch experience for you and your colleagues.

What to Eat?

This month, we recommend you to have Sultan Steak which is one of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta’s signature dishes. The fine cut of beef, cooked perfectly and served with a combination of fresh vegies and homemade sauce. This steak also comes with rice, but sure you can change rice with potatoes if you want to.


What to Drink?

To freshen up your day, Blue Ocean is the right choice. Some fresh lemons, pineapple and oranges blended together is surely invigorating, especially in a hot summer day. It could also neutralize the fat from Sultan Steak or any lunches you’d have.


Many of our guests say that being at Lagoon Café makes them forget that they are still in Jakarta. The cozy situation with calm music (in certain times we have a Gamelan show) and the soothing view from the fish pond could make one lingers. To accompany, you can order a cup of Zulaga Coffee. Coffee blends with Indonesian traditional spices that will not just calms you down but also healthy at the same time. 


Well, don’t get yourself trapped in a comfort zone and forgot to go back to your office. Have a great day and enjoy your lunch at Lagoon Café.