Thailand’s Heritage Cuisine; MASSAMAN CURRY

November 01, 2015

Massaman curry is one of Thailand’s famous dishes that CNNGo even gave it a predicate as one of the most delish foods in Asia. The taste of Massaman curry is suit to all spicy food lovers, plus with the fusion of savory exotic herbs and fresh ingredients, this unique food is really indulging. But did you know that this food was originally come from Arab and Persia? Circa 16th century there were Muslim traders from Arab carrying not only goods to trade but also herbs from their earlier transit, Indonesia.

According to several sources, the name Massaman is a southern Thai food which is influenced by Indian and Malay cuisine while some others say that the dish was brought by a wealthy silk merchant from Persia named Sheik Ahmad Qommi. The name was taken from Mussulman which is an archaic form of the word Muslim, and since it is Muslim food, they use beef, chicken, lamb or even vegetables as the main ingredient.

In the original version, Massaman curry is using orange or pineapple juice as additional ingredient, and it usually served with hot steamed rice. If you wonder how this sweet, spicy, and savory exotic dish tastes like, go to The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta because we have Massaman Curry served specially during this November. Reserve your table by click here  or simply go to Lagoon Café for lunch or dinner. We can’t wait to have you here.