Sultan Anniversary Series of Social Activities

October 19, 2015

As part of appreciation and an expression of gratitude, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta celebrated its 9th anniversary by holding a series of social activities. Through Sultan Peduli program and as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta organized a fund raising activity by donating Rp 2.000,- from every guest purchased throughout August and September 2015. The money raised was donated to the hotel’s CSR beneficiary ‘Wahana Visi Indonesia’ which will be used to help children in Halmahera and West Borneo.

In addition, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta also organized a photo competition on August 29, 2015 themed “Eksotika Nusantara” in collaboration with the famous Media in Indonesia. The photo competition was merrier and succeed. All the winners photos displayed in hotel lobby for a charity photo exhibition and all sales produced also donated to Wahana Visi Indonesia.

Through the awareness elevation regarding children wellness issues and education of simple initiatives, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta has encourages and helps children to take steps forward to a happier life by organized a Mass Circumcision on September 16, 2015 participated by the employees sons and the surrounding community. This event was collaborated with Sutowo Sutowo Medical Services.

The Muslim Day of sacrifice, known as Idul Adha was celebrated by The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta’s Management together with the employees, hotel guest and local community on September 24, 2015. As part of the contribution to the local community, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta share the love by donating four cows and three goats.