An Exquisite Culinary Journey At The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta

May 13, 2015

The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta proudly presents an exquisite culinary journey during this May. From the authentic Balinese cuisines, pizza with various kinds of topping from Indonesia and Shashlik with delightful taste will be served by our expert Chef at The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta. With concept “Balinese Food and Cultural Festival” on 28 May – 6 June 2015 at Lagoon Cafe“Pizza Nusantara” on 1 – 30 May 2015 at Lagoon Lounge and “Exotic Shashlik” on 1 – 30 May 2015 at Lagoon Cafe, we make sure that our guest will be pampered with an unforgetable culinary experience.


Balinese Food and Cultural Festival

On Balinese Food and Cultural Festival, we are ready to fit up our culinary team who will be coming right away from Ayodya Hotel & Resort Bali, our sister company in Bali which is under the same group, Singgasana Group. The most knownly dishes from Bali, like Bebek Betutu – a spicy duck flavour with delicated Bali’s herbs combination of kaempferia galanga, red chilli, turmeric, lemongrass and lime leaves, Sate Lilit – satay menu served with choices of meat like minched chicken or beef or seafood and grilled with Bali’s herbs and lemongrass as the skewer, Ayam Pelalah – chicken shredded mixed with Bali’s authentic spices, and many more. All you can taste while enjoying traditional Balinese dance and music at Lagoon Cafe with IDR 285.000,-++ per person.

Don’t forget we also have varieties of traditional Balinese beverages, such as Ice Tambring – a fresh beverage of coconut meat and tamarind and Ice Daluman – a pretty beverage mixed of green grass jelly, red bubles, coconut water and coconut milk. Both you could sip the freshness only at Lagoon Lounge at IDR 75.000,-++ per glass.


Pizza Nusantara

Eating pizza not always with western taste, at The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta our pizza served with myriads topping from nusantara, such as Pizza Beef Rendang, Pizza Jambal Roti, Pizza Udang Bakar Balado, Pizza Mixed Satay and Pizza Ayam Lada Hitam.

Continuously win at Indonesian cuisines, makes this hotel consistent on bringing up nusantara concept and the guest are surely love our creations. Beside that, it suits with The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta’s brand identity itself.

You can taste our Pizza Nusantara with family and friends on the whole May at Lagoon Lounge only at Rp 95.000,-++ per portion.


Exotic Shashlik

The scrumptios Shashlik of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta – the exotic Middle-East satay, you can’t be missed in this May. With only at IDR 135.000,-++ per portion, you may choose your own Sashlik at Lagoon Cafe, such as Lamb Shashlik, Beef Shashlik, or Salmon Shashlik with varieties of sauce like mushroom sauce, barbeque sauce or lemon sauce served with mashed potato.


Sultan’s Beverage of The Month

Your culinary journey will be more complete in May at The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta, as our Lagoon Lounge already prepared the most premium beverages. Absolutely Chai – this cocktail beverage you must try which mixed of vodka and chai tea at IDR 105.000,-++ and another one is Passion of Sultan – this refreshing mocktail is mixed of passion fruit and lychee tea at IDR 75.000,-++.

We also have wine selections provided at Lagoon Lounge, such as Red Wine Wolf Blass Biyara Shiraz 2013 – rich of berry and cherry fruits with light taste, Red Wine Wolf Blass Bilyara Cabernet Suavignon 2013 – has strong of mint aroma, blackberry and chocolate taste, also White Wine Wolf Blass Bilyara Chardonnay 2013 – strong taste and aroma of melon and peach fruits. All these wine variants you may sip at IDR 575.000,-++ per bottle and IDR 125.000,-++ per glass.