Myriads of Savory Indonesian Duck Cuisines at The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta

March 19, 2015

For duck lovers who want to enjoy the savory palate of Indonesian duck cuisines enriched with authentic herbs and spices combined with traditional ‘sambal’, now you can find at Lagoon Cafe of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta this April.

Our reliable chef will accompany your culinary journey starting from Medan. Taste the delicious Bebek Kari Medan which is strong with curry spices from Medan and nice aroma from star anise and cinnamon that reveal the savory-herbacious flavor but not too spicy. Fried tofu, ‘Sambal Terasi’ and fresh raw vegetables are perfectly enhancing to the duck cuisine itself.

Another very decent duck cuisines for you to indulge in is coming from Padang and enriched with ‘rendang’ spices - Rendang Bebek Padang. Caramelized of thick coconut milk, cardamom, red chilli and ginger is impeccably infused to the duck meat. It’s equally enjoyablye with potato cake and stir-fry vegetables.

From Sumatera we move to Java as our culinary team has already prepared Bebek Bakar Madura, grilled duck with some herbs such as galangal, lemongrass, candlenut, ginger and turmeric. Presented with ‘Sambal Terasi’, fresh raw vegetables and sweet corn fried-bakwan come to please your appetite.

Bebek Betutu Bali – our next duck cuisine will tease your tastebuds. The spicy flavour is delicated with Bali’s herbs combination of kaempferia galanga, red chilli, turmeric, lemongrass and lime leaves. Not-to-be-missed as a side dish, we prepare vegetables fried-bakwan, peanut crackers and fresh raw vegetables.

Our next highly recommended coming from Manado is Bebek Rica-rica Manado. Named “Rica-rica” because its spicy taste from chilli, the best choice for you who loves hot and spicy flavours. Served with stir-fry vegetables, shrimp crackers and fresh raw vegetables.

All these duck cuisines are expertly prepared within four hours of boiling and marinated process with coconut water and some herbs until the duck meat becomes really tender and caramelized. These myriads of Indonesian Duck Cuisines you can enjoy with only IDR 110.000,- ++ per portion at Lagoon Cafe.