The Chopstick Rules

March 01, 2015

We all love Chinese food! The smell, the taste, the spices, they all just blend up perfectly on mouth. While eating Chinese food we cannot be separated with chopstick, but did you know that there are some rules in using chopstick on Chinese table manner? 

First rule, do not stick chopstick vertically into your food! At a funeral, the incense on the ancestor’s altar are stuck into the rice, so when you do that especially when you are dining with your Chinese business partner it will be considered as impolite as it make them think of funeral.

Second rule, do not play with your chopstick and wave it around during eating.

When you need to pick up soft food such as dumpling or meatball, take a spoon for inward pressure on the chopstick to grasp the food securely and move it smoothly to your mouth or bowl, or simply hold your bowl close to the food. Make sure to not drop the food.

Some think it is unhygienic to use personal chopstick to take all the dishes served, so better provide more spoons of chopstick for other dishes. In this case, you must remember which chopstick is yours and which one is used for transferring the food into your bowl.

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