Mommy With A Baby

May 12, 2014

Taking vacations with a baby is admittedly not easy. But using the baby as an excuse for not traveling is also a bit…sad. And unfair for the baby. Sure, destinations and activities will be limited, but mommy can travel with her baby! There are simple tricks to make sure that you will not only ‘manage’, but also have fun with your baby.


Set up your hotel room.

As soon as you arrive, put the baby in the playpen or hotel crib and set up your room to feel as close to home as possible. Decide where toys are piled or stored, create a play space and designate a baby changing station. Even if your room doesn’t have a kitchen or a bar area, establish a spot for bottles, dishes, baby food, snacks, formulas, etc.


Take advantage of napping time

Your baby needs regular naps. Take advantage of these times by letting the baby nap on stroller or a front carrier or a baby backpack while you take long scenic walks through a park or a long beach. You can also leisurely and check out the area while your baby naps on a car seat.


Stick to the routine

If your baby’s bedtime ritual at home includes a bath, lullabies and a bottle, do the same on your vacation. Not only bedtime ritual, stick to as many rituals that you usually do in your hometown as possible.



Because your times to swim, hike, shop, or visit an aquarium are limited by morning and afternoon naps, it makes sense to have breakfast in bed. At lunch, bring a portable DVD player and let your baby watch Sesame Street while you’re enjoying your meal. Last but not least, eat early. Dining at 05:30 PM instead of 07:30 PM will likely give you an empty restaurant, room to park your stroller, and a short wait for your food.

Now mommies, no more excuses. Go and enjoy!